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hula-hoop acts

Duration : 5.12 minutes


The Hula-Hoop as we know it today was invented in 1958 in America.


Everybody was shaking their hips at the time... maybe you did too ! 

Summer Tiki Show

Duration : 8 minutes

Lila's latest creation !

Still influenced by the vintage culture, this time we are going to Hawaï where  movie stars and showgirls used to spend their holidays to the sound of the ukulele. 

This act is a 2 parts dance including  silkfans and hula-hoops for twice as much entertainment !

Tropical Lady

Duration : 4.27 minutes


This act is a pure joy to watch. Starting with the most opulent costume, Lila gets rid little by little of her ruffles to give the best hoop performance.

The colombian music takes you to the rythm of the caribbean carnavals and sunny parades !

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