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Lila is the only hula-hooper in France who uses up to 7 led hoops in her shows. With this set, changing colors and patterns, she creates a real atmosphere around her act, captivating eyes and minds for the whole performance.  

Each act has a story to tell, wether it is taking you on a journey swirling on galaxies and planets or dragging you to the Red District in Amsterdam in the year 2050...

A Night with the Stars

Duration of the show : 6.44 minutes 

Full act for family audiences : video

Full act for burlesque shows : video

Sans titre 3.jpg
Led 1.png


Duration of the show : 4.40 minutes 

Full act for burlesque shows : video


The Lil Hoopdancers

Duration of the show : 7 minutes 

2 artists ! click on the picture to discover our special DUO ACT 

201902 lila 081.jpg

Ambiant performances and special events

Lila owns many other LED and UV reactive props for podium dancing or roaving between the guests of you event. Wether it is on a concert stage or inside a museum, Lila  can adapt to any venue and give a unique performance.

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